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ARP Omni-2 is an "omni-potential" polyphonic instrument from the renowned masters at ARP (USA), and is an improved descendant of their best selling model ARP Omni. Represents a hybrid of electric strings and a synthesizer. The basic tone generators are not VCOs (which usually limit the polyphony to a small number of voices), but the electronically produced imitations of the real strings saw-like waves for every note in octave. The waves are then frequency-divided to produce the total of 4 octave of signals, which can be all played simultaneously! This is the basis for the string and synthesizer section, while the third one, the electric bass, has its own wave generator. All the sections can be combined together to produce impressively rich sounds. In the string section there are four string types: fully polyphonic violins and violas spread over the whole keyboard, and monophonic cellos and contrabasses in the lower keyboard part. The violins are especially high, rich and silky sounding and can be found on many recordings from 70s and 80s. In the synthesizer section, the saw-like waves can be filtered through the famous ARP filter, the same as on the legendary ARP Odyssey. There is even an option to produce the square like ("hollow") sound, and a 4-step (ADSR) envelope is a part of the output VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier). Filter has a nice resonance feature and can be modified by envelope and external control. Though you will not be able to get the complete versatility and complexity of the full synthesizer modulation, you will be amazed by the quality of ARP Omni's "classic" analog strings, brass, pad and even percussive sounds with the specific ARP timbre, that you will produce with ease and within seconds. And befor soon you will realise that its electric bass is so much smoother and warmer than anything digital samplers can reproduce. A bonus is that all three sections have also their separate outputs. Thick leather in brown-orange color put on the side panels adds, to the overall "look and feel" of this exquisite analog instrument. (Send your email.) (The picture is gratefully taken from Vintage Synth.

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